How to maintain UV printer?

DATE : Nov 30th, 2023

How to maintain UV printer?

In fact, the UV machine does not matter whether it is a flatbed or a roll-to-roll printer. The working principle is always the same, and ink is ejected through the micro-piezoelectric method of the nozzle. Since it is said to be micro-piezoelectric, it means that the inkjet has a great relationship with the voltage when the machine is operating.

The UV machine that needs the most maintenance is almost always the nozzle! How to maintain it?

1. The UV machine nozzle is affected by voltage
The UV machine nozzle will be affected by voltage. If the voltage is too high or too low, it will cause severe ink breakage and violent vibration, damaging the image quality. Choosing the best voltage can not only provide high-quality printing results, but also maintain the machine’s nozzle.

2. The UV machine nozzle is affected by ambient humidity and temperature.

Temperature and humidity will affect the ink, and thus the nozzle. The amount of ink in the ink chamber of the nozzle is very large, so if the temperature and humidity change, the ink will be unstable and it will cause the nozzle to become clogged, which will cause other problems. The life span decreases rapidly, so the indoor humidity and temperature balance is very critical.

3. UV machine nozzles are affected by ink quality
Inferior ink will cause the nozzle to clog when used. Even after cleaning, there will still be a lot of residue. However, over the years, the residue will accumulate, which will eventually lead to the scrapping of the nozzle. .

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