DTF Printer
Endless Print Possibility With DTF

DTF printing, often referred to as direct to film printing, is a process that comprises printing your design directly on a film before transferring it to various fabric types, including cotton, polyester, synthetic, or silk, regardless of their color.

DTF Printer
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DTF Printing: The best way to produce custom apparel !
DTF Application
What Can You Print With DTF Printer?
DTF printer works for almost all kinds of fabric! No color limited!
lmprint of arts on T-shirts to captivate all kinds of hobbyniche, such as music and events.
Colorful prints on hoodies to showcase dynamism and advertisement
Logo prints on caps for advertisement and promotionalpurposes, and sports events.
Canvas Bags
Canvas Bags
Logo and brand label promotional design prints on canvas bags.
Different array of trendy designs on shoes for additional styles
The Process of DTF Printer
How DTF Printer Works?
DTF printing is a simple process to print on a film and directly transfer it onto fabric. It works on cotton and poly blends, almost on all kinds of fabric. Just see how it works below
Step 1 – Print on Film
To begin with, you print the whole image on the PET film, with white as the bottom. Then, you can set the color you want and print the image on the white layer.
Step 2 – Adding The Desired Colors
The printer has several print head that performs different printing action. The first head applies the colors which is a blend of CMYK color on the film.
Step 3 – Adding The Unique Powder
After printing, the printer sends the film to the powder shaker unit, where a unique powder adhesive coating is added to the film evenly while it is still wet, into the loop.
Step 4 – High-Temperature Heat Pressing
It is simply taking the transfer film out of the powder shaker machine and placing it on the fabric that is already on the heat press.
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Gotocolor specializes production of various printer equipment,such as uv flatbed printer, DTF printer, UV DTF printer and so on
Print Head 2/4 pcs Epson I3200-A1 heads
Print Speed 2 pcs Printhead   5-14sqm/h

4 pcs Printhead   9-22sqm/h

Ink Color CMYK+W
Ink Type Pigment Ink
Software RIPRINT
Print Width 0-615cm
Consumption CMYK is 15-20ml/sqm, CMYK+W is 25ml/sqm
Ink Supply System Bulk Ink Supply, White Ink Circulating & Stirring & Alarming
Package Size Printer:1600*970*730mm=1.13CBM



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Gotocolor specializes production of various printer equipment,such as uv flatbed printer, DTF printer, UV DTF printer and so on
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