UV Flatbed Printer
Endless Print Possibility With UV Flatbed Printer

UV flatbed printers adopt the piezoelectric inkjet printing principle, which is different from screen printing, thermal transfer printing, pad printing and other principles. It can control the ink through the internal voltage of the nozzle and spray it on the surface of the printed object, indirect contact with the material, air-to-air inkjet sprays ink on the surface of the material, thus broadening the range of material printing, such as daily mobile phone cases, glass, nameplates, ceramic tiles, acrylic, metal, leather, textile and other materials.

UV Flatbed Printer
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UV Flatbed Printing: the best way to produce custom apparel.
UV Flatbed Printer Application
What Can You Print With UV Flatbed Printer?
UV Flatbed Printer works for almost all kinds of fabric!
Decorative paintings
Decorative paintings
Richer colors and patterns make it look more noble and beautiful in interior decoration.
Phone case
Phone case
A beautiful phone with a precise and colorful phone case makes the phone look even more beautiful.
Print beautiful patterns on golf balls, and can enjoy a different kind of scenery while the golf balls are flying
Gift boxes
Gift boxes
Give the gift boxes your favorite pattern and have a beautiful appearance when using it.
UV6090 flatbed printer can meet the needs of printing mass products at the same time.
UV6090 printer install rotary device can printing on bottles.
Crystal label stickers
Crystal label stickers
UV6090 printer can printing on AB film for crystal label stickers and paste on any flat materials.
UV6090 flatbed printer can printing on max height 15cm boxes.
The Process of UV Flatbed Printer
How UV Flatbed Printer Works?
Flatbed UV Printer Suitable for printing on both rigid and flexible material, such as phone cases, metal, wood, tablet cover, PVC, glass, paper, ceramic tiles, leather. etc.
Step 1
First, we import the pictures that need to be printed into the computer and simply handle the size of the pictures that we print.
Step 2
Clean the surface where the material needs to be printed and keep the surface of the material free of dirt.
Step 3
Then spray a layer of coating on the surface of the material.
Step 4
When making the above preparations, before starting to print pictures, first check whether the UV printer can work normally.
Step 5
Start printing.
Free Accessory
Free Accessory List
Gotocolor specializes production of various printer equipment,such as uv flatbed printer, DTF printer, UV DTF printer and so on
UV Flatbed Printer
Printer Type A1 UV Flatbed Automatic+Cylinder Printer
Print Dimension 600mm*900mm/A1
Resolution 1440*1440DPI /2400*2400DPI

(6Pass /8Pass)

Speed 10m2/h (8Pass), 15m2/h (6Pass)
UV Cure Three UV LED Lamps




Type UV Ink
Color CMYK Lm LC+W+V
Tank 500ml
Ink Supply System CISS Built Inside
Consumption 10-13ml/m2



Type Metal, Plastic, Glass, Leather, Wood, Acrylic, Canvas, PVC.Ball,Pen,Cylinder
Weight ≤15KG
Maximum thickness 15cm



RIP Photoprint12
System WindowsXP/ Windows7/ Windows8/Windows10
Interface USB 2.0
Operation Environment Temperature 15-30℃
Humidity 35-65%RH


Requirement AC220V/110V 50/60Hz
Consumption 1000w
Dimension 133*158*67cm
Packing Size Type 170*145*95cm
Weight 240KG
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Gotocolor specializes production of various printer equipment,such as uv flatbed printer, DTF printer, UV DTF printer and so on
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