How to choose a uv printer?

DATE : Nov 30th, 2023

How to choose a uv printer?

The choice of UV printer should start from several aspects.

First, you must clarify your business needs and capital budget, production scale, process requirements, material costs, speed (efficiency), etc.

Second, the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer must be taken into consideration, including R&D and production levels, product performance, installation and after-sales service.

3. Understand the specific configuration of the printer

1) The equipment accuracy of the printer.
The accuracy of printing does not just depend on the data provided by the manufacturer. It is recommended to look at the printing process and effects to see if there are any problems with color difference and to understand the color fastness.
2) Core hardware and construction.
Whether the printing effect is good or not depends on the quality of the hardware, such as the structure of the car head, the body mechanism, etc.
3) Application scope
UV printers produced by different manufacturers will be different, and printers with multiple functions and fast speeds may be more expensive. For example, in the advertising industry, the main consumables include acrylic, KT board, PVC board, foam board, etc., then it is necessary to focus on the printing effect and products of the manufacturer in this aspect.
4) Print head model of UV printer.
The nozzle has always been the top priority of the entire equipment. The nozzle is not only expensive, but also a consumable item. Common ones in the market include Epson, Ricoh, Konica, Seiko, etc. The accuracy and effects of different brands and models vary. The appropriate nozzle should be selected according to the printing material, printing quantity, accuracy, speed requirements, etc.

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