How to maintain the Epson printhead of DTF printer?

DATE : Nov 30th, 2023

How to maintain the Epson printhead of DTF printer?

Firstly we should know the DTF printer working environment:
1.Temperature and Humidity: Keep the temperature at 20-35℃, you should pay more attention especially in winter.
2. Clean. If the workshop is full of dust, the particle may adhere on the nozzles then cause clog.
3.Most workshop are installed fans instead of air-conditioners in summer, the fans can accelerate the air flow which caused head easy to dry then lead to clog.


Secondly, we should make sure operate properly:
1.Please notice the materials height before printing, make sure the printch roller fix well and both side metal plate press the PET film well.
2.Check the nozzle test everyday before start to print, if there is some nozzles missing, please clean in software immediately. If you found the head was clogged seriously, please cleaning gently and softly with syring. More gently and soft, because higher pressure maybe broken the head and cause mixing ink.
3.Keep printhead cable cleaning, or not once the ink dirty the cable(especially the metal port) ,it may burn the head.
4.Make sure the white ink circulating and stirring system working well,and also please change the filter, damper and capping regularly such as 3 months.

Tips: Most heads damaged are not for lifetime, but for improper cleaning. Suitable way of sucking ink can extend the printhead life. For cleaning operation, please contact with us to get tutorial video.

Thirdly, we should know how to keep head nozzles moisturizing after finish work.
1.If printer with capping service, you just need to keep the nozzle connect well with the capping. Our DTF printer adopt lifting capping station which can make sure well-sealed to prevent the air-dry or dust. You can also put some cleaning liquid or moisturizing liquid on capping for long period(such as 3-7days) inactivity.
2.If printer without capping service, you can put some cleaning liquid on non-woven fabrics and then keep the carriage on it. Please keep inspection and filling cleaning liquid each 5 days to avoid the nozzle dry.

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