How To Choose Ink For Inkjet Printer?

DATE : Oct 10th, 2023

There are many types of inkjet inks. According to the properties of the inks, the inks can be divided into three types: UV inks, solvent inks, and water-based inks.


Soft Ink Or Hard Ink? How Much Do You Know?


1.UV ink
UV ink has three characteristics: energy-saving drying, wide printing suitability for substrates (printing on almost all materials), and fast curing can shorten the subsequent process time.
From the perspective of environmental protection and adaptability of substrates, UV ink will become the mainstream in the large-format color market in the future.


How To Choose Ink For Inkjet Printer?


2. Solvent ink
In the field of inkjet, solvent-based ink can adapt to various printing materials, and the price of the printing materials used is relatively cheap. Especially to make outdoor images have better durability, and its price is also lower than water-based ink
However, the disadvantage of solvent-based ink is that it emits harmful substances into the air through the evaporation of solvent during the drying process, which affects indoor and outdoor air quality.
GT-6090 is a professional uv printer, using uv ink adjusted by our factory, the color is more vivid and the color saturation is good
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