How to choose from HOT PEEL & COLD PEEL film?

DATE : Jun 19th, 2024

PET film, cold peel, and hot peel are terms commonly used in the context of heat transfer printing processes, especially in relation to heat transfer vinyl (HTV) or heat transfer paper (HTP). Here’s what each term generally refers to:


  1. PET Film (or Carrier Sheet):

– PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film refers to the transparent or semi-transparent plastic sheet that holds the design of the heat transfer material (vinyl or paper) before it is applied to the substrate (like a T-shirt).

– It serves as a carrier for the design during the heat transfer process and protects the material until it is ready to be transferred onto the substrate.

  1. Cold Peel:

– Cold peel refers to the process of allowing the transferred material (vinyl or paper) to cool down to room temperature before removing the PET film or carrier sheet.

– This method is often used for heat transfer materials where the adhesive or ink needs to set or cure completely at a lower temperature. After cooling, the PET film is peeled off to reveal the transferred design on the substrate.


  1. Hot Peel:

– Hot peel, on the other hand, involves removing the PET film or carrier sheet  after the heat transfer process while the material is still hot.This will save time.

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In summary, PET film is the carrier sheet holding the design during heat transfer, cold peel involves waiting until the material cools before peeling off the carrier, and hot peel involves removal of the carrier while the material is still hot.



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